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13 juin 2016

Jonny Wilkinson Toulon

it 's great player and very strong. He scored 2,055 points for the team Toulon. He was team captain

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06 juin 2016

#JapaneseGP: electric mini bike race

This video is very funny.

It makes me laugh.

They are crazy and is ca that is fun.

More were real driver moto gp.

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GoPro Motorcycle Gyro Video Moto GP Style

I adore this video there are many sensations.

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Red Bull Flugtag Aras Stunt Show

This video of motorcycle is magnificent especially the figures which he makes. His figures are.

His figures are impressive because they sometimes make me afraid because I feel it will fall

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30 mai 2016


Some Like it Hot (1959) Movie Trailer HD

This is the film we saw. It was funny. It was  a scream. It's a film about prohibition. The prohibition took place in America in the twenties.  Alcohol was prohibited.  She began in January 16, 1920. There were gangster and alcohol traffiching.  Prohibition was abolished in 1932. It lasted 13 years. With alcohol production largely in the hands of criminals and unregulated clandestine home manufacturers

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